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Here’s the first of a series of clips with Denise Valerio as she celebrates 10 years in business with Valerio Care Management. Denise is very excited to share this milestone with her clients and took time to share her thoughts in this VIDEO:


What was the inspiration behind Valerio Care Management?

DV: I was working in care management for some other companies and I just felt like there was a better way to do it–there was a more personalized way to do it. There was a better way for me to really bring in all of the skills I’ve honed over the last almost 40 years being in healthcare. So once I made the decision that I wanted to open my own business and provide care management services to the elderly and disabled adults, I never looked back and I just forged right ahead. Word-of-mouth helped me to start building my client base, and I still haven’t looked back.

I feel very blessed that I’ve been able to get 10 years under my belt. I’m looking forward to the next decade. I think having spent so much of my life in healthcare–25 years doing care management has really helped the transition of being so successful in my business a lot more easy.



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