Denise Valerio Interview: The Value of an Accredited Care Manager

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Continuing the conversation with Denise, in THIS CLIP she talks about the types of highly specialized skills she offers clients in their continuum of care, her ability to quickly assess a client’s needs on the spot, and delivering the required resources.

Question: Discuss your professional background as an accredited care manager and what that means for the client:


DV: My background is a licensed social worker. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work (and I’m also licensed as a social worker), plus I’m also a credentialed and accredited care manager. So what does that mean?

Not only am I bringing to the table 40 years of being in healthcare but I’m also bringing a seasoned set of skills so that when I come into a situation, I have the ability to assess fairly quickly what the needs of that client are–for the short term, for the mid-term and for the long-term. Is there a crisis situation that needs to be triaged immediately? Has someone just fallen and they need to be triaged; somebody needs a home health aid and we can set that into place…(etc.)

What I bring to the table is an ability to assess and respond with resources in my virtual network that are going to provide safety and quality of life for that client through their lifetime. A care manager can also assist a client and/or their family members in making sure that their estate planning documents are in order or done; dealing with a financial advisor around their assets; and working as part of that team to extend their assets through the course of their life based on the different services they need as they go along the continuum of care.



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