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HERE is the next clip of Denise’s interview where she discusses key responsibilities as a licensed life care manager, and the hands-on approach to manage various aspects of the client’s affairs, from medical to financial and anything in between.


Question: What are some of the key responsibilities people should be aware of when looking for assistance from a life care manager?


DV: I think there could be some confusion out there among consumers about care management. Hospitals have case managers who work strictly in a nursing role to discharge planning. [That’s] probably where people are most familiar with the term “case manager.” But a care manager is a more global approach to a client. In this industry my particular focus is to work with people who are disabled, twenty-one years and older, or the aging population taking into consideration everything that’s going on in their life and their life cycle: the spiritual, the financial, the medical, the psycho-social, the emotional …

So while my role as a care manager certainly will be interfacing with other professionals, physicians, elder law attorneys, financial advisers, nurses in the ER, a professional staff at a retirement community, etc. My role is really more global [and] a broader picture of doing the oversight of the services that I’m going to put in place for someone–be that a home healthcare agency, or a skilled agency, or finding somebody to do transportation because the recommendation of myself and their physician is this person can no longer drive because of a medical diagnosis.

[My role] is really to take on a more global approach of setting in motion the kinds of resources and services where that person is going to need to age in place safely and with quality of life.



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