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Here’s the NEXT SEGMENT of Denise’s conversation about the landscape of life care management and the unique brand behind her company, Valerio Care Management.


Question: Describe the Valerio Care Management brand:

DV: We’re almost to our fault the best kept secret. But as people continue to live longer and want to stay in their homes or want to transition to a facility, they’re going to need a professional set of eyes that can help set a care plan in place that’s going to meet their needs. I’m the ‘boots on the ground’ person. I’m in the trenches with the family members helping them to make the tough decisions. Helping them to set up the right medical plan–the right medical care with the right physician who is able to bring their skills in a quality way to that client.

Sometimes people will call just to inquire about my services. Sometimes people will call when, as I say, the building’s on fire: “I need a care manager. Can you help me today?”

Although it’s really about building a relationship and a process to help that client move along their continuum of living and their care needs, there are times when I’m called to step in immediately to help manage that crisis so that we’re keeping that person and getting them as safe as possible.




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