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Continuing last week’s conversation about the changing landscape of healthcare, the baby boomer demographic is faced with significant challenges. In addition to older people working longer, they’re also taking on the dual responsibility of maintaining their own health, and the health of an elder parent. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2030 almost a quarter of the US population will be 65 and older.

Take a look at this thorough breakdown with a projection of stats as far out as the year 2060 with respect to the aging population.

Go HERE for Denise’s perspective on the baby boomers and why as a life care manager, it’s critical to be aware of the unique demands on this group, while sharing examples of how their needs can be met to reduce stress in this phase of life.


Question: What are some of the challenges the baby boomer demographic is facing as more are taking on the role of caregiver?

DV: Being a baby boomer myself, when I look at myself, I really have become more tuned into what I should be doing as someone who’s aging. We’re all aging but as a baby boomer I need to begin to look at how am I beginning to preparing myself for my own aging experience? Lots of baby boomers are now managing their own lives, their own jobs, their own health care needs in addition to taking care of an aging parent or a grandmother, or an aunt, or an uncle. [It’s important to] make people more aware of the importance of a care manager and how they can reduce the stress in your life; how they can help you manage your assets to ensure your care needs are met. Clearly there’s going to be a demand and my hope is those seasoned care managers will begin to really come out and become a part of the association so that, like myself, they can set up a successful practice, and really give back to the client everything they have to give to them.



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