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Take a look at the NEWEST SEGMENT of Denise’s interview as she shares her thoughts about why Valerio Care Management is a premium entity in terms of its resources, quality of services, and the client-centric approach she has maintained since the very beginning. Offering decades of experience as a licensed social worker and seasoned life care manager, Denise has said the relationships she’s developed over the years with clients is the most rewarding aspect of the work. Finding a life care manager with a proven track record can be an overwhelming process. When a prospective client begins their search, Valerio Care Management is a good place to start as its core values are management and delivery of services, advocacy and commitment to the client.


Question: What sets Valerio Care Management apart from other care management services?


DV: I think being a seasoned professional [and] having a nurse on that works with me to provide care management services in addition to myself; living and breathing this work for as many years as I have has really helped me to quickly and comfortably develop relationships with my clients so that I have the ability to put services into place, figure out a plan of care sooner rather than later because of my years of experience. Also how I’ve seen people moved on with the services of a care manager; how it’s helped improve their dignity; how it’s helped reduce the stress of family members.

Bringing my years of experience and the people that work with me and their years of experience; being able to bring my passion to my work so that I’m able to really listen to what that client wants and work very hard to get them what they want. I think the other thing that sets me apart — Doing this as long as I have, if I’m not able to resolve issues and problems that come to me from very challenging families or very challenging clients, then I’m not sure that I’ll continue to be as successful as I have if I can’t handle and address those issues.

I think the other piece in my business that sets me apart is I really have an interest beyond the care management of putting the pieces into place. [It’s] also be someone who [can] stand in and be someone’s Power of Attorney for the financial piece of their life, or the healthcare decision making part of their life. Also, working closely with all the counties I provide services in, if there’s a need to become a guardian and there’s someone who doesn’t have anybody or there’s so much dysfunction in that family, they just need an outside, third person like a seasoned care manager as myself to step in as a guardian and manage that client’s life.

The bottom line is the client. It’s their needs; what are they looking for; what do they need; what do they want; are they making reasonable and rational decisions about their care? If they’re not, then what is my obligation and role to help them make sure that they’re doing that? What services do I need to put into place so that the big picture and all of those pieces in it can be addressed.



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