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The Hottest Career Trend of the Decade: Aging Life Care™ ManagementJullie Gray, MSW, LICSW, CMC & Lisa Mayfield, MA LMHC, CMC, GMHS


One of the hottest career trends in the next decade isn’t found in the tech sector, it can’t be outsourced overseas or automated, and it offers endless possibilities for advancement and satisfaction. This dynamic profession has a great deal to offer:

• Find job security throughout your lifetime due to demographic trends

• Make a difference in the lives of others – be an advocate and a positive force for change• Engage in intellectually challenging and rewarding work

• Enjoy flexible hours and choices about where you practice (medical settings, law offices, home- and community-based programs, to name just a few)

• Advance up the career ladder as your experience grows

• Employ your entrepreneurial spirit if you long to build your own private practice

• Collaborate with a wide range of professionals including those in healthcare, legal and financial services field

Whether you are just starting your career or yearning to forge a new path, Aging Life Care™ Management (sometimes referred to as care management or geriatric care management) may be just what you are looking for.

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