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From the Remington Report: Third Leading Cause of Readmissions Are Falls

**Thank you to Tasha Beauchamp for sending this Article


September 21 (the first day of “fall”) is National Fall Prevention Awareness Day.

To honor that, here are the findings of an interesting study from University of Michigan.

For people over age 65:

  • Overall, falls were the #3 cause of readmission, especially if they were at risk before and were discharged to home (even with home health).
  • Falls became the #2 cause of readmission for those who had cognitive impairments and an initial admission related to falls.
  • Falls were the leading cause of readmission for those whose initial admission was fall-related and they were discharged to home (even with home health)


No matter what, work with discharge planners to create a personalized fall prevention plan, but especially if there is cognitive impairment, and definitely if the initial hospitalization was due to a fall. Also, be sure to work with those who have fallen to get them back up and moving. Fear of falling again actually increases the likelihood that they will.


Read The Remington Report Feature HERE



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