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Tech Solutions to Help Seniors

5 Tech Solutions to Help Seniors Live More Independent Lives   Article by: Mary Shannon;   If you’re an older adult who is reading this right now, chances are that you are comfortable using technology. But what if there were other ways you could use tech to enhance your quality of life? The truth

Running For Office With a Disability

This Is What You Need to Know to Run for Office with a Disability Article courtesy of: Ed Carter   Running for office is a significant step toward making real change in your community. Whether for city council or on a Congressional level, your political service could change many lives. Getting started may be challenging, so

NBC Feature: Covid-19 Brings a Growing Demand for Caregivers

From NBC News: Coronavirus + The Rising Demand for Home Care     Report by: Daniella Silva   For people recovering from COVID-19, home care ca be both essential and elaborate, involving a health care professional who provides additional oxygen, monitors vital signs, administers medication and helps with daily tasks such as eating, bathing and

Tips for Navigating COVID-19

                            Health and Safety Tips for Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic By: Sheila Johnson   The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so many unprecedented changes that it’s hard to keep up with the latest advice. It’s also hard to keep anxiety levels in check


    From Care Manager Websites/Elder Pages Online, this Aging Well Blog contains information on a range of topics around aging, finding the right long-term care facility, finances and more.

MUST READ: 3 Covid-19 Need to Know Facts

From Dr. Robert Pearl for Forbes Magazine:   3 Coronavirus Facts Americans Must Know Before Returning to Work, School   Americans remain afraid, perplexed and chronically misinformed (despite wall-to-wall coronavirus coverage across the leading cable-news programs and print publications). To counter the uncertainty, any plan to get us out of the coronavirus crisis must first


From Susanne White, owner of Caregiver Warrior, we’re thankful for her kind endorsement of The Stemwinder!         BLURB HERE             Caregiver Warrior is a comprehensive website devoted to Caregiving and the extraordinary journey of the Caregiver, featuring guidance on healthcare management, emotional support, dementia care, and more.


  From Aging Life Care Association, please read this article that provides critical information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you need to do if caring for someone (tested positive) in the high-risk category: *Article by: Tasha Beauchamp   What we know as of 3/1/20 COVID-19 is spread much like the regular flu—through coughs and

Aging Life Care Association: FREE DOWNLOAD

“The Value of Working with an Aging Life Care Professional”   Download this free PDF of key stats and information on the various services of an Aging Life Care Professional: ALCA Care Manager Handout 2020

Daughterhood Interview With Rosanne Corcoran

  I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Rosanne Corcoran who’s doing amazing work in the eldercare arena. She posed some great questions about the quagmire adult caregivers often encounter when an aging parent wants to stay at home. We also go in-depth about the multiple roles care managers fulfill and how that varies client-to-client:   Daughterhood