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From Susanne White, owner of Caregiver Warrior, we’re thankful for her kind endorsement of The Stemwinder!         BLURB HERE             Caregiver Warrior is a comprehensive website devoted to Caregiving and the extraordinary journey of the Caregiver, featuring guidance on healthcare management, emotional support, dementia care, and more.


  From Aging Life Care Association, please read this article that provides critical information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you need to do if caring for someone (tested positive) in the high-risk category: *Article by: Tasha Beauchamp   What we know as of 3/1/20 COVID-19 is spread much like the regular flu—through coughs and

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“The Value of Working with an Aging Life Care Professional”   Download this free PDF of key stats and information on the various services of an Aging Life Care Professional: ALCA Care Manager Handout 2020

Daughterhood Interview With Rosanne Corcoran

  I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Rosanne Corcoran who’s doing amazing work in the eldercare arena. She posed some great questions about the quagmire adult caregivers often encounter when an aging parent wants to stay at home. We also go in-depth about the multiple roles care managers fulfill and how that varies client-to-client:   Daughterhood

“Enduring the Unendurable” A Doctor’s Perspective on Caregiving

  As His Wife’s Caregiver, A Doctor Discovers What’s Missing At Health Care’s Core Judith Graham December 5, 2019 Caring for someone with a serious illness stretches people spiritually and emotionally, often beyond what they might have thought possible. Dr. Arthur Kleinman, a professor of psychiatry and anthropology at Harvard University, calls this “enduring the

Honoring Caregivers

As November comes to a close and we think about what we’re thankful for, take a moment to appreciate and celebrate caregivers. In recognizing National Family Caregivers Month, this excerpt from The Stemwinder is a fitting anecdote of caregiving in the holiday season:     It was Christmas time. I stopped to pick up some

Signs of Elder Abuse

From Maryville University, critical information on how to identify signs of Elder Abuse, and how to prevent this egregious and often unreported behavior that affects 1 in 10 Americans over 60:   Elder abuse has become a serious and growing issue in the United States. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), about

Guest Blog: Don’t Tarnish Your Golden Years, Plan Ahead Now

This week’s guest blog is courtesy of Hazel Bridges from AgingWellness. As we near mid-century, 83 million people will consist of the 65+ demographic as projected by the Census Bureau. The best advice, as offered in this piece: Plan now.   Don’t Tarnish Your Golden Years, Plan Ahead Now     You plan for dinner. You

Alert: Important Information About Falls

From the Remington Report: Third Leading Cause of Readmissions Are Falls **Thank you to Tasha Beauchamp for sending this Article   September 21 (the first day of “fall”) is National Fall Prevention Awareness Day. To honor that, here are the findings of an interesting study from University of Michigan. For people over age 65: Overall, falls were

Dementia Dolls: A Daughter’s Story

  I recently discovered this book: Dementia Dolls: A Daughter’s Story written by Mary Ann Kampfe. A Jersey native, Mary Ann chronicles caring for her mother, Josephine, diagnosed with dementia. In Chapter One, she writes: Mom and I throw everything we have at the world. Give us a void of any kind, and we will