Emily had enjoyed an excellent quality of life for 96 years.  She had spent a lifetime caring for others.  She was alert and involved  in the world around her.  She valued her independence above all else, and took great pleasure in continuing to live in the home her father had built, surrounded by the memories of her loved ones.  As she became weaker and weaker, it became obvious that she needed more support.  However,  I was living out of state.  And on many occasions, she had extracted promises from me that I would never mover her to an assisted living facility or nursing home.  During a routine doctor’s visit, I picked up literature about Valerio Geriatric Associates.  When I placed that first phone call to Denise, I had no idea how much she would change Emily’s life and my own.

During her initial assessment, Denise interacted with Emily with the utmost respect.  She was extremely perceptive in assessing Emily’s physical, social, and emotional needs.  Denise worked with me to create an effective, constantly evolving plan of action to support Emily in her home.

Denise and Emily developed an unbreakable bond.  Denise gained Emily’s trust by providing a caring sounding board and always treating her respectfully.  She was supportive of Emily’s needs and desires.  Yet she was firm enough to overcome Emily’s objections and convince her to accept important supports such as an emergency alert system.  Denise provided contacts and oversight to an increasingly complex network of home care providers.  She never made decisions for me, but kept in constant communication with me so that I could make the best possible decisions for my loved one.

As a result of Denise’s initiative, we were successful in securing County support for Emily’s in-home care.  She was the oldest person ever approved for in-home care in the County.

Denise was also with us to help us through Emily’s end of life care.  At the end of her life, Emily was surrounded by nurturing caregivers who grieved her passing, while at the same time celebrating her life and the role they played in fulfilling her wishes to remain in her own beloved home.

How can one describe Denise Valerio: knowledgeable, supportive, perceptive, professional, caring, respectful, tenacious, spiritual, giving, loving – and quite unique.



Denise has been of immeasurable help, first, in identifying the issues we needed to think about to ensure our parents’ safe lifestyle in their home, and then to understand and plan for issues we would later face.  She dealt with my parents with compassion and patience (a lot of patience!), but the necessary persistence too.  She is thankfully thorough, and addresses these difficult transitions with humor, organization and an excellent ”bedside” manner.



Denise has been a tremendous help to our family.  She came into a very complex and emotional situation and made a big difference in the lives of my mother, my stepfather, mine, and my siblings.  My mother needs 24 hr care and she helped organize, and continues to manage, that care and make it possible for my mother to stay in a home that means the world to her.  She understands the issues and most importantly cares deeply for her elderly clients.  I would recommend her unconditionally to anyone looking for elderly care management.



My sister and I were in a time of crisis with our elderly mother, where she would not let us do anything to help her with her illnesses or living situation and she was depressed, angry and upset every day.  When you visited her, you showed a lot of compassion and understanding and were subsequently able to recommend appropriate services for her.  Your advice and guidance gave us new pathways to explore and helped us to deal better with a very difficult situation.




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