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We are advocates for elders, the growing aging population, and disabled
adults helping them maintain their dignity and independence.

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A Life Care Manager helps coordinate and manage the care and resources of an elderly or disabled person. Valerio Care Management provides a unique approach by combining the experience of a seasoned social worker and nurse, addressing medical and physical concerns, needs assessment, and legal issues/responsibilities of aging in place. We offer timely, comprehensive and compassionate solutions in a prevention based care management approach.

Aging involves many changes which may be frustrating, challenging, and confusing. We help navigate health care options, insurance issues, and senior living arrangements that may overwhelm clients and family members.

Valerio Care Management provides support and interventions compassionately, enabling the elderly person to maintain their independence and dignity. Our services are varied and tailored to each situation.

What You can Expect From Us

  • Life care planning: Full Needs Assessment to direct the plan of care
  • Liaison with your physicians to help you understand your health concerns and work with you to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations
  • We can be “the voice of the client” to optimize the resources within the healthcare system
  • Provide guidance on the availability of high quality services available to maintain your independence
  • Function as a liaison to families who live at a distance
  • Client/patient advocate
  • Identify the right level of care to meet the client’s specific needs
  • Assist and support clients with re-admissions to the hospital
  • Supportive counseling for End of Life decision making

When Should You Contact Us

  • Declining health, often seen in increasing frailness, weight loss, and repeat hospitalization
  • The person is not aware of declining health and the family is trying to determine a course of action
  • Concern about the safety of your loved one and their ability to live alone
  • You want to plan ahead for your needs or loved one’s needs so that decisions are not being made in a crisis situation
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