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Daughterhood Interview With Rosanne Corcoran

  I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Rosanne Corcoran who’s doing amazing work in the eldercare arena. She posed some great questions about the quagmire adult caregivers often encounter when an aging parent wants to stay at home. We also go in-depth about the multiple roles care managers fulfill and how that varies client-to-client:   Daughterhood

Honoring Caregivers

As November comes to a close and we think about what we’re thankful for, take a moment to appreciate and celebrate caregivers. In recognizing National Family Caregivers Month, this excerpt from The Stemwinder is a fitting anecdote of caregiving in the holiday season:     It was Christmas time. I stopped to pick up some

Silver Tsunami: Significant Milestone

The Wall Street Journal featured an article with a sobering statistic on the aging population, which is projected to surpass the number of children in the US by 2035. A “first in history” according to the Census Bureau, this data validates the “silver tsunami” caregivers and medical professionals will be challenged with in the next

Article: Stressed Out Caregivers are Using ER Visits for Respite

Take a look at this very revealing article from Social Work Helper that reports an increase of care givers turning to emergency rooms as a reprieve from their daily responsibilities: Emergency room staff call it a “pop drop” – when a disabled older person comes in for medical attention, but it seems like the person

Staying Active in Your Golden Years

Click HERE to read this article by Michelle Owen from the ACLS Library highlighting the benefits and importance of exercise for older people to maintain cardio health, and creative ways to incorporate daily exercises into your schedule:      

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

From the National Institute on Aging — Early Stages of Alzheimer’s: The first symptoms of Alzheimer’s vary from person to person. For many, difficulty with tasks like word-finding, vision/spatial issues, and impaired reasoning or judgment, may signal the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Typically, Alzheimer’s progresses in three stages: Mild Alzheimer’s Disease—at this stage,

Prescription Medication Abuse

Here’s an important article posted by NIH Senior Health that reports on which medications those 60 and older are likely to abuse.   Commonly Abused Medications The types of prescription medications most commonly abused by people of any age are: opioids, which are strong painkillers depressants, which are used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders stimulants,

To the Caring Side of Health Care

A moving piece posted by author J.J. Colagrande: To the Caring Side of Health Care Spending time in a rehab facility is stressful. It’s hard to navigate all the care and cogs involved in cleaning, feeding, healing, and caring for our loved ones. At times it’s frustrating but after spending hours and hours and hours in

7 Warning Signs That Aging Loved Ones Need Help

A great article recently posted by Aging Life Care Association that outlines the warning signs to be aware of when caring for an older loved one: As a Record Number of Seniors Are Living Alone, Aging Experts Offer 7 Warning Signs to Look for During Summer Visits to Older Family Members and Friends As millions of

Home-Based Care & Mental Health

In the New York Times blog The New Old Age Paula Span examines the challenges for elders who seldom leave their homes while receiving home care assistance. Highlighting a report from JAMA Internal Medicine, the numbers are significant showing that almost two million Americans over 65 rarely leave their homes, while six million are categorized