*Please keep checking this page for ongoing updates on safety measures, resources and community support.

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Symptoms, resources, safety guidelines and more.


World Health Organization

Statistics, safety guidelines, latest reports, travel parameters and more.


Food & Drug Administration’s COVID-19 Page

The FDA issued a new guidance to sponsors and healthcare providers regarding certain Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)-required testing during this time.


Aging Life Care Association

Please see this article from ALCA on caring for someone with Coronavirus.


AARP Information Page

Updated daily. Tele-Town Halls every Thursday. Experts address questions related to managing your income, credit and retirement accounts,



Vox’s extensive list of terms associated with the pandemic, and detailed piece on risk factors, and asymptomatic people versus those who experience serious complications.


Psychosocial Impacts of COVID-19

From Scientific American, in-depth analysis on societal effects of the pandemic.


National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

SAGE’s National Resource Center: COVID-19 and LGBT Aging


Pennsylvania’s Coronavirus Information Page

Updated statistics of confirmed cases, safety tips, closings, and Senator Bob Casey’s Covid-19 page.


Kaiser Health Information Page

Info updated daily on Coronavirus, state government measures, safety, statistics and more.


Matilda’s Law

Governor Cuomo enacts measure to protect New York’s most vulnerable populations, including individuals age 70 and older, those with compromised immune systems and those with underlying illnesses.


Chicago Tribune: Tips for Being a Patient Advocate for Yourself/Loved Ones During Pandemic

Talking to doctors and navigating the health care system can be challenging — even when we aren’t facing a pandemic. In-Depth Article: Millennial Caregivers and COVID-19

Excellent piece by writer Jennifer N Levin on how Millennials are caring for a family member who is high-risk for COVID-19.


NPR: Insurers Who are Waiving COVID-19 Costs

Three major health insurance providers have now pledged to shield patients from high medical bills.


Forbes Magazine: 3 Coronavirus Facts Americans Need to Know Before Returning to Work, School How to Get Tested for Covid-19 When to Get Tested for Covid-19